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Key Research Goals of Agency

To conduct, or cause to be conducted, scientific research and monitoring programs necessary to manage marine parks and reserves; conserve marine biodiversity generally; assist in identifying and planning for new marine parks and reserves; and contribute to regional marine planning.

Key Partner Contact: Tom Holmes

Senior Research Scientist

  • Fish ecology
  • MPA management
  • monitoring

How long-term collaboration has helped local management

The ATRC has assisted with the long term monitoring of temperate reef ecosystems in the Jurien Bay and Ngari Capes Marine Park across the last two decades. It was instrumental in the establishment of the state’s first coordinated LTM program in the soon to be created Jurien Bay Marine Park in 1999. Currently in its 19th year, this dataset has now become a powerful tool for assessing MPA effectiveness and understanding the effects of a warming climate on the coastal ecosystems of temperate WA. Now with a broader group of associates, the ATRC provides DBCA with a national network of marine managers and researchers to facilitate knowledge exchange and future collaborative programs.

Australian Temperate Reef Collaboration

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