Survey Methods

The ATRC applies standardised underwater visual census (UVC) methods developed over 30 years of shallow reef biodiversity research. These methods are compatible with other UVC programs and allow for direct comparisions between sites.

Data Collection

Survey methods involve divers recording fish and invertebrate species seen along underwater transects using underwater pencils & paper.

Although not high-tech, when undertaken by experienced surveyors, these methods allow coverage of species not able to be recorded by other methods, and are both cost- and time-effective. Underwater quadrats are also used to record coral or seaweed species and benthic cover on each survey.

The complete methods cover the majority of plants and mobile animals greater than 2.5cm in length that make up the life of rocky and coral reefs.

Data Entry

Data entry is completed via specially-designed MS Excel templates which contain species and site lists for specific regions.

CONTACT US for data entry templates for southern states of Australia

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